Let Willie coach Parkview Little league

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Coach Will Bleisch, is a huge part of our community and has coached and mentored our youth for many years.  He's volunteered so much of his time to help our youth to become good baseball players and productive people in society. 

Coach Will in a little league all star game mistakenly forgot to give a player his required at bat to meet the benchmarks set forth by Little League.  The player he forgot was his own son.  Coach Will over taken with emotion for his own son, realized what had happened and brought it to the attention of the game officials. 

Coach Will was then informed that the penalty for his actions was permanent suspension from coaching the remainder of any Parkview Little League tournament games. 

I'm asking that Little League see the true details regarding this incident and reevaluate the ruling and open a possibility of allowing him to reunite with the team in the tournament.  Penalizing him in this manner challenges his integrity. I'm a 23 year veteran in law enforcement and have known Will Bleisch for many years and have had the opportunity to work with him away from little league and I can honestly say that, Will is a man with great morals and values who I have never questioned his integrity.  Let's be honest we are human with an open door to possible mistakes.  In this situation Will made a mistake, a mistake that included his own son.  This incident has a penalty that carrys a punishment that dosen't fit what has happened.

Little league, coach Will Bleisch deserves to coach. If you examine the details, I honestly feel that you will find it in the best for all to reinstate coach Will. Coach Will has unselfishly volunteered so many years to Little league, and I'm pleading with Little league to do the right thing regarding this matter.