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Get Han Seo Hee Off Instagram!

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Han Seo Hee an ex trainee of YG entertainment and (drug addict) in Korea, has an Instagram account that has caused nothing but trouble since she started it. She publicly humiliated and bullied a Korean Celebrity, then it is alleged that she issued an apology but then she turned around and said she hated EXO and  and fans of them. She admitted that she seeks attention (she wasn't getting it from music companies in Korea because so many of them have turned her away) but she does it by being rude and ignorant. She is rude and shameless (my opinion) She is a bad influence to Instagram because all she does is promote arguing and fighting. She was caught doing drugs but instead of taking responsibility for it she's  blaming other people for her own crime. And now is trying to stand up as a feminist representative.  It is also believed (not proven) that she has made several fake Instagram accounts to make it seem like she has thousands of supporters. Whenever you comment something against her these alleged fake accounts attack you for it. It's always the same accounts as well. It is also believed she's not even able to follow other celebrities (not proven just a theory because she's not following any) because they want nothing to do with her. There are thousands of people who want her gone from Instagram. Please help us to make it happen.

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