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Bring Dogecoin To The Major Crypto Exchanges.

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Hullo ladies and gents, shibes and crypto investors alike. I'm here to tell you all about the magic of Dogecoin. Dogecoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency using the blockchain that has been holding it's own on the charts since shortly after it's release in 2013. It uses the same technology as litecoin, and unlike bitcoin, there is no market cap, making it impossible for corporate america to horde the coin and control the markets the way they have with bitcoin. Tired of ridiculous transaction fee's? Sick of waiting hours, or even days for your BTC transactions to go through? Make the switch to Doge. Doge transfers are instantaneous and cost next to nothing, with current fee's being roughly 0.01 to transfer $1000 USD worth of doge. The problem, as I see it, is that there are MANY people interested in Doge that have a hard time obtaining it the way they would bitcoin, or other crypto currencies currently available on exchanges such as Coinbase. What we would like to see, is our beloved Dogecoin added to these larger exchanges, so that we can bring the greatness and simplicity of Doge to the entire world. Lower fee's? Faster transactions? More for all? Much yes.

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