To get air conditioning/and or better ventilation at Cardinia Life, Pakenham

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Following the incident earlier this week in the pool at Cardinia Life where a woman almost drowned due to heat exhaustion in the pool area at the facility I wanted to petition to make sure that people who use the facilities: pool, gym and courts have minimal air conditioning at the very least. During the summer quite often the stadium heat exceeds 30°C delaying games through heat breaks, timeouts and cancellations. Many nights the temperature outside may only be 25°C but inside the stadium it can be up to 10°C warmer in summer periods, the temperature outside may not be that hot but yet still interferes with games subtracting game time and compulsory timeouts. In the pool area the temperature in the pool area is consistent with a tropical climate with humidity around 80% and temperatures around 30°C, I know some may argue that “it’s in a pool area, what’s the problem”. But imagine being a mother/father while your child is doing swimming lessons, drowning in your own sweat while watching your child swim, I could see it being unbearable. Every Thursday night I play floorball at the stadium, we play 3, 13 minute periods, with heat breaks it is reduced to 3, 11 minute periods with compulsory water timeouts if the temperature is over 40°C the games will be cancelled, but the temperature may only be 30°C outside and the stadium courts will be pushing 40°C sometimes at 7 o’clock at night. Please share it around and sign it as this urgently needs to change especially as we begin to heat up and get closer to the hottest month of the year, January. Thanks :)