Save the Solenodon

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The Solenodon, native to Cuba, is an endangered species. Although not one of the more attractive and note worthy mammals I feel that this species deserves a chance! 

With the introduction of cats, dogs, people and mongooses on the island of Cuba the Solenodon’s natural habitat was under threat. As the island has become more densely populated the survival of the Solenodon has reached a critical endangered level. 

Solenodons are some of the most unique and rare mammals in the world. Solenodon-like animals lived all over North America 30 million years ago, but today they are only found on the islands of Cuba and Hispaniola.

It was widely thought that the Cuban Solenodon was actually extinct until a live specimen was found in 2003. 

The Solenodon needs a protected conservation area in order to survive, with management put in place for the future survival of the species. 

With help and guidance from the World Wildlife Fund, Washington DC, I will highlight the Solenodon’s problem to the Cuban Government.

Lets act together before it’s too late!