Remove Vince McMahon from WWE

Remove Vince McMahon from WWE

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To WWE and Sponsors,

You don't wanna listen to us? Well we're gonna start hitting you where it hurts.

Your pockets. We're not watching anymore. We're not attending anymore. 

The time has come for us fans to speak up in a way that will actually be heard. Enough is enough.

WWE is spiraling downward in a historic way and the only thing masking that is the money they make on their TV Network deals and their deal with Saudi Arabia. Ratings are down, attendance is down, fan morale is down, employee morale is down, creative story lines are non-existent and logic and common sense have long since been abandoned for convenience and laziness.

These aren't just fan theories anymore. This isn't a spoiled, entitled fan base crying and whining because they haven't gotten their way. You'd be shocked with what we're willing to accept if you treated us with the slightest bit of respect and you didn't constantly insult our intelligence night, after night, after night. WWE gives us little-to-no creativity whatsoever in the story lines they present in their week to week programming, not to mention the lack of common sense logic that rarely sees the light of day on a RAW or SDLive episode. It's not just fans voicing their frustrations; it's professionals in the business, wrestlers past and present, major publications, and even not so subtle whispers emanating from within the WWE itself.

WWE is a global brand that's lifetime has spanned decades and is worth billions of dollars. There's no question that Vince McMahon is hell of a businessman; credit where credit is due. However Vince McMahon is no longer the creative mastermind he once was. All of his ideas are out of touch, repetitive, contrived, outdated, petty, immature, stubborn and unfair. He clearly shows favoritism and is hardly shy at all about ignoring certain talents that don't fit his ideal mold.
But it is Vince's company. It's VWE. He doesn't do it for fans around the world anymore, he does it for himself.

An audience of one.

He can run his company that way if he wants, but we can speak up and raise our voices to let it be known that we won't be watching anymore. And when these athletes and characters move onto other promotions and greener pastures, we WILL follow them and leave WWE behind.

Make no mistake about it, there's only one reason this company is spiraling out of control. It's the man in charge. Don't believe us? Ask all of the talent that's collecting dust on the shelves, counting the days down til their contracts expire so they can leave WWE and never look back.

Pay attention to us. We're going to make good note of who chooses to advertise and sponsor WWE going forward and we're going to come knocking at your door next unless there is significant change in this company.

PS - NXT is the future of this company. Treat it like so. 

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