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Change WWE Monday Night RAW back to 2 hours

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Since making the transition to a 3-hour show a little over two years ago, the quality of the overall WWE product has noticeably declined. While most would assume that a 3 hour show would allow ample time for more characters to flourish on screen, this has not been the case. The show is focused solely around the same 4 or 5 characters. The mid-card has become almost nonexistent and the product is taking a direct hit in a negative direction as a result of it. Week after week we see shows filled with more Special Guest hosts and nonsensical B-List celebrity features. This needs to end.

Going back to a 2-hour long show will allow for the focus of the program to be on wrestling and wrestling only. There will no longer be the need for pointless 15 minute backstage segments or constant airings of jingles for the network.  The transition to 3 hours has been about nothing more than extra revenue brought in from an additional hour of programming.  The show would be more compact and focused. More characters could develop and as a result the show overall would be more intriguing. Which would only lead to more parties interested in the network to see the culmination of these stories play out during the monthly specials (or PPVs)?  

What needs to happen is switching the focus back to being on the wrestling and storytelling. Character development has never been so poor and the show gets tougher and tougher to watch with each week that passes. The reason for this petition is not too bash or belittle the WWE it is to help get it back to the great place it used to be. This is because I love the WWE and want to see its talent flourish. Sign this petition if you agree with me and would like to see Monday Night RAW go back to being 2 hours. 

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