Holly Morris & Sarah Fraiser Needs to Apologize ASAP!

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On WTTG Fox 5 DC's morning news this week, anchor Holly Morris called a black teen getting accepted into 20 colleges - each offering the black teen a FULL scholarship - Holly called this black teen obnoxious and ridiculous and Sarah said the black teen was denying other teens from being able to get into college. Her comments were unwarranted and we feel they were also racist. We are demanding that Holly and Sarah get on screen and make a public apology for making this young teen feel guilty for going above and beyond to further his education by getting into college and if they don't apologize publicly, then they should resign from their duties at WTTG Fox 5 or be reprimanded for their mean spirited, insensitive insulting words. 

In this day and age, we should NOT tolerate anyone whom we get the morning news from, being and displaying a racist thought of mind.