Shutdown Faku Mpumzi Civils 2 Residences

Shutdown Faku Mpumzi Civils 2 Residences

7 December 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ma-ande Lutshaba

Students living at Faku Mpumzi believes that the residence does not meet the criteria to be WSU residences due to;

There is only 1 car (H1) to transport students and there are more than 32 students who are accommodated each year.

The transport does not cater for students after 05pm, and that limits students to study at library, having group work, In-service-trainings(practical) and it is far from the campus. 

The driver is almost late, and that makes students to miss their lectures and tests, not to mention their exams.

At times, the driver does not arrive to take students from the campus and provides nothing such an apology or the reason for such poor incident.

There are no Water tanks, when there is no water students suffer a lot and they have to wait for 24hours in order for the water to be provided.

The Wi-Fi is always not effective, and that leads to poor work and at times it is hard to submit academic work.

There are no study centers and that limits students to quality education. 

It is expensive, but services rendered are way too low as compared to its fees.

The WSU residence at Mthatha Campus know about this, but they are ignorantly.

The SRC tried to engage with the manager since the Landlord always not want to engage with students and the SRC, but nothing good came out of it. That was in vain.

About 6 students are sharing 1 small fridge, and that leads to their food to decay and rot.

If you have a car, it is not allowed to enter in the yard and it may end up being stolen.

 The sewer is only taken once it stinks hard and too bad, and that could lead to sicknesses. 


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Signatures: 115Next Goal: 200
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