Job back

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  1. I was wrongfully dismissed and want my job back. I wrote on Facebook that tonight at work I had the rudest customer ever. No names mentioned and it was on a local closed chat site ment to vent. So I did. And the next day the customer that complained that I was rude to her and lied to my work got me fired. In 30 years I have never even had a complaint never mind saying i was rude and didn't know how to do my job. 6 months at walmart and every day my managers say thank you for helping out, or great job today. Customers compliment me on packing there bags. That morning I had a death in my family so was upset. But not once was I rude to her. But she kept going telling me I didn't know how to do my job and that I shouldn't have a job. My manager that night asked me about it and even said she was trying to cause trouble so she was not writing me up. Because she didn't believe that would be me either. So that night my aunt died. The next day is when I made a rant on a site meant for rants. Not once did I ever think of it as more then that. But when I came back to work I was told that I was fired and questionable as an employee now. So 2 weeks before xmas and being the primary source of income freaking out. I just want my job back to be honest. In 6 months I moved up in positions once and was about to start training as a csm. Ugggg. I talked to home office and she was shocked saying why didn't they write me up? That what happened didn't require firing. 20 plus days still no final pay and no roe. Really just want my job back.  Hoping if I got enough signatures they would see it was wrong and I could get back to work.