Make Cheryl Blossom a canon lesbian

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As the title states, this is a petition to make the character Cheryl Blossom of the tv show Riverdale a canon lesbian. On the last season, and after much speculation from fans since the beginning of the show, it was finally revealed that Cheryl likes girls. It was also revealed that she was pressured from a young age by her mother to push down her attraction to girls, which would explain her minuscule and often over the top interactions with boys. The only times she has shown the least bit of interest in boys, one reminded her of her dead brother, and the other provided social status. A majority of fans see the character as a lesbian, despite her not identifying as such yet. On a show that has every sexuality except for lesbian (gay men, bi men, bi women), it would be great for lesbian fans to be able to see themselves represented as well. We ask that Roberto and the other writers of Riverdale officially make Cheryl Blossom a canon lesbian, and move past the stigma of not wanting to write for a character who doesn’t like men.