Stop Bachman Park, Los Gatos Destruction "Improvement Plan"

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PLEASE SIGN PETITION. STOP  the current  form of  Town of Los Gatos Proposal from PPW Department for significant construction and changes to Bachman Park  which is a beloved community asset. This will go to the town for distribution to town council.  See website , Parks and Public Works  Bachman Park Project to see 3 maps.  This issue will  come before town council  March 20, 2017 to approve bidding. Residents have tried to preserve the beautiful lawns and trees in this restful park heavily used in downtown.  In 2011-12 they fought conversion to a dog park, and in 2015 they fought back to restore  water to the lawns when town staff turned it off on the Ellenwood half of the lawn without input from residents.  Now in 2015, the PPW has finally posted  a plan which has been in the works since 2011. Cost $500,000 , 60% city 40% fed funds. The effect of the plan will be to kill off the lawns at the Ellenwood end  by bulldozing the  current path  and widening to  4.5 feet of  non colored cement and planting 4 oak tree. Oak trees will  be planted  which will kill the  lawn at that end of the park and destroy the function for residents for ball /dog play and picnics.  The proposal states changes are for  the path are for   ADA  to get federal funds, but the path already meets  ADA standard for what the Feds and CA require for a "trail". The town engineer states it is being submitted as a trail.  Good source  The current path is 36-60" wide. No upgrades are required to meet the ADA laws for trails, 32-36" required. No upgrade of the 1 block path  as a "trail" is needed unless changed.  Repairs are allowed without any ADA upgrades required . Minor  repairs of the asphalt existing path are in order for safety of the surface and along the creek area.  The "upgrades" include bright white LED lights in the park which may shine excessively into adjacent homes proposed in rouse to save money.  The lights are currently on all night. Another  solution is  to turn off the lights  as the park by law is closed 7 pm to dawn.  About 10 feet of lawn on the Bachman  playground end will be converted to a  new ADA sidewalk of colored cement.  Although there is no sidewalk currently on Bachman or Ellenwood from Glenridge  for any residents to safely reach the park, however the proposal does not improve this.  The new sidewalk only takes  away from  lawn in the park.  All residents , including   and able and disabled walk in the  street, including mothers with strollers.    Residents have been bypassed.  PPW meeting notices for the Nov 16th 2017 meeting to get "public input" were   only done to  about 10 homes  with  paper door hangers and expanded then 300 feet from the park  1 week in advance.   A few notices were placed on Next-door with no description of the project. No notices placed in the  Town Weekly paper by the town although it was requested.  Many residents want 1) the park to remain  basically the same with lawns maintained /repaired, 2) repair of not replacement of  the path,3)  elimination of the  planned Oaktrees and poisonous Toyon Berry Bushes which increase fire risk and reduce  functional use of the area. 4)  More review of the plan and  lighting with neighbors.  5) Public notification ub the Town Weekly followed by a meeting with month long lead to allow adequate resident participation  6)  Delay until fall to avoid loss of use and damage due to loss of water which all of the irrigation is replaced ,even if it means loosing federal funds for changes not desired.

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