Stop HeroK12 At Winter Park High School

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The Hero K12 program at numerous high schools, including Winter Park High School, is in violation of the privacy and rights of the students of OCPS and has also given unrealistic expectations to WPHS students specifically.

The violation of rights occurs due to the lack of notification of how involved this program is. HeroK12 and the OCPS system (when connected to wifi), gains access to all personal information, such as your social media and search history. It has also been confirmed that the app gains access to ALL of your data activity and mostly all of what you do on your mobile device. WPHS needs to clarify this information with its students.

Also, most students are legally able to drop out of highschool and many seniors are 18 years of age and therefore do not even need parents permission to attend school. While we think it is important that the school sets rules, we find it unnecessary that the school can have access to our personal information, especially if we are legal adults.

We ask that we are at least given a contract and a message clarifying any of our concerns as we at least have the right to know the extent of the system. And if many of these rumors are in fact true, we demand that this system be removed for students 18 and older and removed for those 16 and older if the students gain parents permission.

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