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Reunite Graham and Dusty

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On 13th December local authorities, with the aid of Police, removed Dusty the dog from the care of his owner Graham. Graham has had Dusty for 13 years and is dedicated to him. They are devoted to each other, and Graham's living situation (he is homeless) does not dilute their special bond. Dusty receives the best that Graham can provide, and was already under veterinary care prior to the involvement of the Dog Warden.

Graham is heart broken, and though most will understand the practicalities of an elderly dog with complex physical needs during the adverse weather, the morality of Dusty's removal and two broken hearts is in question. Graham knows what is best for him, and should be free to make decisions regarding his care and welfare, as he has done so since puppyhood.

The Warden has seized Dusty under the Animal Welfare Act and a veterinarian has signed off on his remaining under the care of the local authority on grounds of his arthritis and "living conditions". Please note that Dusty was being treated for arthritis prior to removal, and his living conditions are his "normal", and should not be considered usually detrimental to his wellbeing. I am of the opinion that the AWA was intended to secure the welfare of animals in the care of normal people in normal situations. In the case of Graham and Dusty, seizure of Dusty and the conduct of both the Warden and veterinarian cannot be considered reasonable in all the circumstances, as laid out under the Act. This begs the question of whether separation of Graham and Dusty can be considered "reasonably humane", particularly when Graham takes all reasonable steps to ensure Dusty's needs are met. With this in mind, would it not be more reasonable and in the interests of both Dusty and his guardian, to have been issued with a warning under the Act and given the opportunity to transition into a better situation for them both? This could and should have been handled better, but it is what has transpired and now a resolution needs to be found with both Dusty and Graham's interests met. 

In the meanwhile, solidarity and hope for a positive outcome is represented by the petition. By you. 

Please help me bring this to the attention of the Council in order that this can be resolved with a happy ending.


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