Sudan joins Cecil - It means something!

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The planet is going through the sixth mass extinction. We, the humans bear the responsibility of saving this planet not just because we are highly civilised or we have the power. It is our responsibility because we ruined nature and the circle of life! We dragged many creatures to extinction. We are dragging many more right now. This has to stop. What do you get from this? Should the world be deserted? Should we go back to stone age in the name of civilization and development. 

My sincere suggestion to the governments and the folk. Prepare laws for the welfare of people, nothing's wrong about that. But don't forget the other creatures. The nature has set a law in common for every creature. But we, the so called superior beings broke the barriers already. People are against exploitation and why can't the authorities listen! Make the sorrows meet extinction and not the animals. Cecil's death caused a cry throughout the world but finally dissolved. Sudan's death caused a painful sorrow after two years. But there are more animals suffering. We came to know of them because they are famous as one of a kind. That's not the point. We should care for Everyone and everything because we disturbed everything. We disturbed a peaceful life. We dragged a solution to become a problem. 

Rise for Nature! Write to the authorities! Punish the heartless soul-less hunters! Pass the laws! Become humans! Do you know something - The word human means " kind and compassionate" but unfortunately being human became "insane" for animals. We shouldn't be over them. We should be with them. Put bans on hunting! Punish the hunters who caused this crisis. Don't leave them with a fine. They as humans with no work to do and simply killings animals which do a tremendous and rigourous work to balance the ecology! There is no time to think! Question the authorities and demand for a change!