Save whales from GRIND...

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Stop the massacre of  whales and dolphins during the period of the famous GRIND HUNT in Denmark and surrounding areas especially in FAROE IDLANDS.Pilot whales are the main target in the Faroe waters, though no whale or dolphin is safe as the Faroe people have hunted and decapitated many different species. Pilot whales are amount the most social and intelligent whale, the 'Grind' involves pods (families of whales) being herded into the shallow beaches where Faroe people are ready and waiting with hooks that are put into the blow holes, then the whale is dragged on to the beach and has its had cut of wig a simple hand knife, this takes time as the whale struggles and has many layers of fat and muscle to get through, it is simply a barbaric act that needs to be investigated and judged by the public as this is happening in EU waters!

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