Save the horses of the Gili Islands

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After visiting the Gili Islands we have seen how terrifying the guys are torturing the horses. It’s one of the worst cases we have seen and it’s really awful to see it with your own eyes. The horses work too hard, they don’t get enough rest, they are fed with salt water and not enough food causing their skinniness. There are witnesses for all this, real people traveling around and we don’t accept this at all. We have one goal with this group and that is to save the horses of the Gili Islands. We want to change their way of living. It’s okay to be a workhorse, but under other good circumstances. 

Do you want to work 22 hours a day and drink salt water and if you don’t have energy to drag 6 persons + suitcases you will get whipped so hard you have no other choice then moving forward? Do you think it’s a good life? 

Many of the horses are so skinny and they have sore wounds from the bad work equipment which is totally unacceptable. 

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