Protect Polar Bears and people! Help Hapag Lloyd Cruises reevaluate it's values and commitment to protect nature (Photo: National Geographic Kids)

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MS Bremen-Hapag Lloyd Cruises offers to bring up to 199 tourists per tour to visit Spitzbergen (Norway) and it's surroundings. 

Spitzbergen is home to Polar Bears, recognized as an endangered species since 2008.

On Saturday, July 28 2018 a polar bear was shot dead by one of the cruise's polar bear watchers as a desperate attempt to protect another watcher's life. 

MS Bremen is not only invading the natural habitat of an endangered species, but placing in danger the lives of up to 199 tourists and crew members who apparently are not as well equipped to prevent this kind of deplorable incidents

In 2015 Hapag Lloyd already suspended tours to the site of the annual slaughter of pilot whales in the Faroe Islands as a commitment to protect and respect flora, fauna, and the marine ecosystem as well as all its creatures.

Together we can all remember Hapag Lloyd of it's values and commitment to nature. The perfect solution would be the suspension of this tours or at least an improvement of the staff training and the use of alternative measures to deal with the wonderful creatures Polar Bears are. Killing shouldn't be an option. Non lethal tranquilizers and better training are.

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