Help the Endangered Amur Leopards

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Many animals all around the world are endangered, and they need your help. One species in need is the Amur leopard, and by taking action you can make a difference for these cats’ future. There are only around 70 adult Amur leopards in the wild. The Amur leopard has been classified as critically endangered since 1996. The last remaining viable wild population is estimated at 57 individuals. With such a small population left, the loss each Amur leopard puts the species at greater risk of extinction, which is why we have to do everything we can to help them.

This species is found in southeast Russia as well as northeast China. Their ecosystem isn't stable because of habitat loss. Between 1970-1983, the Amur leopard lost 80% of its former territory. Indiscriminate logging, forest fires and land conversion for farming are the main causes. These mammals are losing their homes because of ecological succession and human activities. Habitat loss is a common issue amongst endangered and threatened species. 

Prized for its coat, this animal is critically endangered due to excessive hunting. The illegal trade in Amur leopard parts is a problem for these animals. Being at the top of the food chain, the Amur leopard might lack natural predators, but humans, the ultimate predators on Earth, still threaten the leopard's existence. This leopard is poached mainly for its beautiful, spotted fur. These living things are losing their lives, just because people want coats made of this type of animal fur. It's not fair to nature, wildlife, and to a whole species that can end up extinct.


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