Help Rescue the Bengal tigers!

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Bengal Tigers are such a beautiful majestic creature that has been roaming through the jungles for years. These gentle giants have been close to extinction for a long time now, and it needs to stop! Bengal tigers are illegally killed or poached for the black market, sold for their gorgeous skin used on bags and clothing and are getting severely abused. Once there were over 100,000 tigers and now, roughly about 2,400 Bengal tigers left in the world today and a few thousand held in captivity. The number of tigers have declined massively, around 95% loss. Its too much!!!

Saving these animals from extinction will help the ecosystem continue to thrive because tigers help maintain the balance of prey, herbivores and vegetation. Their habitats are getting destroyed, not only their homes but many other animals too.I want these innocent, harmless, gorgeous creatures to be left alone by the monsters who hurt them, with your help.

This great change to save the tigers will impact not only myself but the whole community. There's plenty of ways to save these miraculous animals. You can simply help sign this petition to spread the awareness, joining online conversation communities, donating to charities such as the WWF and just changing your lifestyle at home to help the environment as well. Please sign this petition if you care about these animals and you want to help rescue them.