Cease the destruction of Poison Dart Frog habitats.

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 Poison dart frogs (Dendrobatidae), make a positive impact on their own ecosystem, but not only do they support their environment  they also support the entire world and even humans. You can see evidence of this in the  toxin that's on their skin, Jill elder former  vice president, of the American Cancer Society, Great Lakes Division, wrote a paper on the toxins of the poison dart frog. Jill elder writes about how poison dart frogs help control populations of insects that have negative impacts on humans, by acting as secondary consumers. Not only do the frogs do  that, the poisons on the dart frogs body and in their bodies called batrachotoxin and pumiliotoxin have proven to be helpful and extremely useful in surgeries. The toxins can be used for medicinal purposes to actually support health. More research on the poison dart frog  could benefit human health and development. Therefore sign this petition if you believe in supporting the  life of the poison dart frog and human health and development,because we need to stop the destruction of the poison dart frog's habitat in central and South American rain forests. Sign this if your against deforestation, because it hurts not only poison dart frogs but all the animals in the rain forest and can only disadvantage the Earth as a whole. Thank you for reading this and I hope for your support.