World Wide Ban Of The Production Of All Non-Recyclable New Plastics

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Much of the plastic we use is packaging and only can be used once and much of this is ending up in our rivers ,Sea's and Oceans. The marine life is suffering as a consequence of this. It is full of chemicals and this is causing damage and ill health to all life on Earth at this time.

It has got to a point that we cant ignore what is going on anymore. We have to come together and stop the way we use plastic ,get rid of plastic and I personally feel its time to stop the production of plastic world wide. There is more than enough plastic already available to keep circulation of recycling it without making fresh new plastic anymore in the future if plastic must be still used. Lets just all use less of it moving forward.

With so many alternatives to plastic surely the time is long over due to be much more mindful of how the use of plastic is impacting the World around us and our own health too! Plastic is everywhere ,in the Earths waters, fibres in the air, in the food we eat, our food packaged with it, in our homes and yet so many are still not aware and unsure of the health implications ,and environmental impacts it is having!

Change is much needed and if we all come together now we can make that change and make a huge difference. It is what we do today together that will impact the way we see and experience all our tomorrows together.

So I would like us all to make a stand and declare we no longer agree to the production of plastic and make a World Wide Ban on the production of all new  plastic. It is possible ,it can be done but we all have to be one voice together to make it happen! To turn the tap of plastic off for good,needs all hands together working as one!

We are being sold products in packaging that we didn't agree to yet who actually stood up and said they don't consent? Now is that time! We get the choice of so much "free from" in the shops yet why "no plastic free" options for us in most places?

Do we really want to be known as the ones in history who because we couldn't put our differences aside let so much damage happen to the Earth right in front of our very eyes? Or do we want to be remembered as the ones who turned it all around, learnt the hard way but were proactive and made the changes needed! Our relationship with the planet has to change and this is the right time to work with the Earth not against it!