Support the Rugby World Cup being pulled from Japan after recent commercial whaling announcement

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As highlighted by the BBC on the 26th December 2018, Japan is going to withdraw from the International Whaling Commission and start commercial whaling again from July 2019 ( It is clear that commercial whaling can end up with species of whales being driven to extinction and so it is important we are able to stop this from happening.

Having supported the WDC in Scotland for 16 years and if you have ever been lucky enough to have been in the presence of these magnificent mammals or even caught a glimpse of them on TV, you can understand how sad it would be for them to disappear. 

For anyone who has witnessed the footage of how the whaling boats harpoon and kill these beautiful creatures dragging the bloodied whales onto their boats it is absolutely heartbreaking and cruel. 

Please support the Rugby World Cup being pulled from Japan in 2019 unless their decision is reversed on commercial whaling. With mass support hopefully we can make World Rugby realise how many of their fans feel about going to Japan whilst they continue to proceed with commercial whaling again. Please let’s help change this and make David Attenborough proud. Thank you