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Add Hurricaney McHuricaneface to storm names list

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Hurricane names are chosen from an alphabetical list of alternating male and female names. When a hurricane causes catastrophic damage to a large area, that hurricane's name is removed from the list. Harvey is going to be removed from the list because of the damage it caused by flooding Houston, Texas.

The world Meteorological Organization has not yet came up with a replacement for Harvey. If another H hurricane hits, it will either not have a name or be confused with the 2017 Harvey. The only way to fix this is to find another H name before it's too late.

A possible replacement name for Harvey is Hurricaney McHurricaneface.

Reasons why Hurricaney McHurricaneface is a good name:

  • Most hurricanes have English names.
  • Mc is a male-specific prefix. The replacement name must be male.
  • It is self-descriptive.

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