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Help Syrian refugees escape death by ISIS

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I understand everyone's fear in Europe of being swamped by Syrian Refugees but imagine you had ISIS - an army of sadistic killers - sweeping towards you and your family. You would do everything to protect them and get them out of harm's way.

U.S. Europe, Turkey, Jordan etc all have to figure out a solution together to save a massacre. If ISIS reach Damascus, traditionally a peaceful highly educated secular city, there could be a genocide. And the world cannot wait for that to happen.

I've never done a petition before, but I feel so strongly about this, especially as right wing commentators agitate European leaders to turn the refugees back. Because where will these refugees go exactly? ISIS will stop at nothing to murder the vast majority of the Syrian population, especially those in Damascus, which are generally secular and stand for values that ISIS hates.

I call upon World Leaders, led by President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron, to come together and prevent a genocide BEFORE it happens this time. Lets not have another Rwanda on our hands. If we cannot decide how to fight ISIS, lets at least decide how to help those refugees fleeing certain death. We cannot just send them back as the Dutch UN troops did at Srebrenica, instead we must have a co-ordinated plan of action with Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Europe to save these people.

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