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February 17, 2014

To Your Excellencies, the Ambassadors and Foreign Ministers 
and other high officials of several nations:

After having studied the case of Amanda Knox in the trial concerning 
Meredith Kercher, I have come to the following conclusions:
A) Since Italy is a sovereign country with an independent judiciary; 
and since the United States supports that judicial independence, 
any petitions by the United States or by Americans on behalf of
Amanda Knox must take place in the context of international negotiations.
B) I have concluded that the chronology of events is likely to have occurred according to this sequence and further significance:   
i) If the actual killer, Rudy Guede, ever crossed paths with
Amanda Knox, during or before the time when he entered
her home, it was in a context in which Amanda Knox was innocent
in both her intent and her actions.  There are strong indications that
she may have been confused as to his actual identity at the time;
and it is that innocent uncertainty which may have caused Amanda Knox
to have fallen too deeply into the grip of prosecutors.
ii) Rudy Guede, prior to gaining entry, may have previously ascertained knowledge of the comings and goings of people in the house.  
iii) Evidence strongly indicates that it was the intention of Rudy Guede to commit a crime.  One person planned and committed this crime, and there is no reason to distribute the guilt evenly.
iv) Much of the evidence taken and analyzed in this context was  irrelevant, or hopelessly contaminated and mishandled; and the DNA  fragments proven to exist on certain surfaces might be logically accounted for by scenarios which have nothing to do with the crime itself; but rather were drawn into the evidence by way of casual and unproven association.  The presence or lack of DNA in and of itself proves nothing; there must be some logic attached to the idea that it either incriminates or exonerates.
v) Learning of the crime, both Amanda Knox and her boyfriend may have been in shock; and unable to effectively deal with police interrogation.  
Neither had any motive to commit a crime in this context.
vi)  The key piece of evidence is the DNA which matches
Rudy Guede.   This incriminates him  beyond reasonable doubt.  
All the other evidence cited against anyone else in this case is
fraught with reasonable doubt.  
vii) Prosecutors have speculated on a "game", and have used this speculation to incriminate Amanda Knox and her boyfriend.   The only one involved in foisting any type of "game" upon the victim was Rudy Guede. The entire "game" theory is simply an exercise in imaginative prosecutorial morbidity, not scientific crime-solving.
viii) Almost all of the evidence cited against Amanda Knox and
her then-boyfriend amounts to card-stacking in the form of their
poor resilience under police questioning.  However, the only fact
indicated by their poor responses to detectives is that absolutely
nothing in the experience, education or  past associations of
Amanda Knox or her then-boyfriend prepared either of them for this.
ix) There is no evidence that Amanda Knox intentionally slandered anyone.
Anyone is capable of operating under the impression of mistaken identity.
x) It is likely that the shock of her roommate's death may have resulted in a memory trauma so drastic that Amanda Knox will never be able to accurately recall the events prior to the time she learned of this crime.
xi) The involvement of Amanda Knox in the death of her roommate was brought about purely by chance and unintentional circumstance.  
She had no motive or prior pattern of action which indicates guilt.  
xii) Whatever any American may think, it is not in the power of anyone in the United States to unilaterally exonerate or clear Amanda Knox.  

It is, rather, within the power of  the Government of Italy to extradite Amanda Knox from the United States back to Italy to serve the remainder of her sentence.  The United States is on very weak grounds in any process of refusing  extradition, as things stand now - and 
the US Government can also not afford to be seen as failing to
press for her release.
xiii) Amanda Knox has been convicted of murder: the most serious and most irreversible harmful crime which can be contemplated and committed against an individual.  If this conviction in Italy is seen as doubtful or unfair, we must remember that there are many more people who have been wrongfully convicted or maltreated by Government in the United States.  In any quid pro quo agreement, it is necessary for a major
consideration on one side to be balanced accordingly; and it is not
inappropriate to balance clemency for the highest-ranking felony
conviction with several lower-ranking convictions or less significant
legal matters which, when taken together, might well balance the 
scales of justice against that one more ominous matter.  Clearly, the United States has recently attained historic lows in its own 
clemency ratio; and repeated petitions and calls for redress 
have been ignored or attacked by the current Administration.  
It may be that the only remedy suitable for the current disappearance
of clemency from the American scene must be international in scope.
xv) Since there are those who are justifiably seeking leniency for Amanda Knox in the context of the prior murder conviction against her, other countries equally have the right and the perfect opportunity to demand linkage to clemency for many other people who have been maltreated or wrongfully convicted by errors of Government in the United States - a list of  76 people whose punishments have been in many cases as severe as the imprisonment of Amanda Knox, in contexts ranging from 
unquestioned innocence, to misconstruances regarded as fact.  
xvi) None of the people on the following list (L) have been accused of a crime nearly as serious as murder; and most have not been 
accused of a felony.  Many have never been accused of any 
criminal offense at all.
There is no solid evidence that any of the people on the list ever actionably harmed anyone else or ever intended to; and all accusations to that effect are either groundless, or have obvious alternate and exculpatory explanations.  
One of the people on the list (L)  of 76 individuals is a citizen of Spain, and it is possible that this proposal presents a new opportunity for the Government of Spain  to press for her release from the prison in New Jersey where she is held - for the crime of being a mother involved in a custody dispute; a dispute already declared by courts in Spain  and in the Hague to have been settled lawfully in favor of this same mother. Moreover, other nations may decide to take other individuals on List L under their wing, out of concern for justice, culture, peace or truth.
xvii) Most of the offenses alleged against the individuals on the list of 76 (List L) are no more serious than a parking ticket or a library infraction, in the eyes of most normal legal systems.  In comparison to Amanda Knox, who has adequate private legal counsel, very few if any  of the individuals on List L have effective private legal representation; and almost all
have been bled dry financially; which means that outside this process
there is no hope for justice for anyone on the list, except for 
one or two who are represented by private attorneys.  Despite typical assembly-line misrepresentations by American prosecutors, it is clear that the greatest amount of harm done by any of the individuals listed below on List L is negligible at most; and it is also clear that none of the individuals here listed represents any sort of danger or threat to anyone or to the general public.   
xviii) The United States does not have a normal legal system today,
and obviously requires international assistance and coaxing to return to normality. The USA has in many ways ceased functioning as a
republic, having become a prosecutoriocracy which features prosecutorial immunity; whereby prosecutors are permitted to lie, and to bully witnesses of all ages, and to disregard and hide exculpatory facts, with impunity, in a pattern which strongly indicates that American prosecutors
in many cases know that they are wrongfully convicting innocent people.   The USA also has a Gulag array of abuse of psychology for purposes which are highly abnormal, and highly invasive of the human rights of people unfortunate enough to be caught in the system.  
xix) For over ten years, the United States has had a growing poison in its judicial veins: a poison called Guantanamo. The people who have been employed at Guantanamo do not confine their torture and their abuses only to that one spot.  Rather, as we have seen, the virulent phage fans out through American society to Guantanamize the entire nation 
and infest the Government with that torture mentality. Now, the entire world has become the focus of a pointless, deceitful, sanctimonious and shameful American witch-hunt.    
xx) I can personally attest that if someone of my character can be convicted of a crime and punished in the most harsh, life-ending, absurd ways without a single shred of validity or actual legal justification for this horror, in a scam trial which reeked with complete disregard for truth, justice and the Constitution; then anyone in the United States - no matter how innocent, and no matter the evidence against guilt, can be convicted of any crime at all; on the basis of crude association, invective, and every form of logical fallacy in the book; and not stand a chance for any mercy or justice.  One reason for this truncation of justice is that we have, in the United States, a Guantanamist - a military jurisprudence assembly-line manager - as US Pardon Attorney.  This roadblock to justice assures that even the most arrantly nonsensical forms of prosecutorial guff will never be overturned by a Presidential pardon; and so with that insurance policy in high places, prosecutors continue to inflict wrongful convictions at will in the United States. 
xxi) The world has a perfect opportunity here and now to  require of President Obama that the Guantanamization of the United States 
must end here and now.  If the great nations of the world do not 
busy themselves with this stabilizing task right now, it will simply not be done.  Even if the American people were capable of overthrowing 
a Government which is increasingly intent on making peaceful reform
impossible, it is not in the interest of any other nation for a violent
revolution to take place in America.  In the past, America defended
the freedom of others when their freedoms were under attack. 
Today, those other nations must band together in order to do the same for Americans; in a way which is peaceful, harmless, and fairly
easy to do in a physical sense. 
And this is the time to do the job, peacefully and without delay.
xxii) In that way, and by these presents, perhaps the  fact that a beautiful life - the life of Meredith Kercher - was cut short; will take on a new and more resplendent form.   In life, she had no mercy bestowed upon her by her sadistic killer; and so her demise was truly senseless and harshly meaningless to all those who loved this very lovable person. However, now I am presenting an opportunity for a more fitting and dignified eternal memorial, in which  she can become an international angel of mercy; larger than life in standing for a greater mercy for others in a way which will have good results and will bear good fruit in time for the entire world; and will make this world a better place for a long time to come.

ACCORDINGLY: The following is a proposed Agreement which shall have the effect of an Executive Agreement and a diplomatic arrangement and understanding  between Italy and Spain (and other nations who wish to be a party to this Agreement) on the one hand, and the United States of America on the other hand, until such time as the President obtains the Advice and Consent of the Senate 
 the process of ratifying these terms as a Treaty: Condition 1) After consultations with the family of the victim of the crime for which Amanda Knox has been tried and convicted in a court of law in Italy in a conviction which has been upheld; and on strict condition that Condition #2 is granted in full and shall have been adhered to fully and faithfully by the United States of America; Amanda Knox shall be permitted by the Government of Italy to remain in the United States, pending a pardon by the Government of Italy to be granted as soon as the United States of America fulfills Condition #2 to the satisfaction of the Government of Italy.  
Condition 2)  Condition #2 has ten major components and  parts to it, 
enumerated as Parts A through Part K, and including an appurtenant 
List of Names (L); and omitting the letter "I" in the ordinate sequence. Part A) With respect to the names in List L, all of whom can be described as harmless people who are, if anything, beneficial to their own society and to the world, and who have been victims of draconian injustices and life-ruining conditions or penalties inflicted on them by Government and/or by Government affiliates or condominium associations in the United States, and inflicted for relatively minor offenses at that or in most  cases in a context of complete innocence (and indeed, the appearance of anyone's name on this list does not imply guilt, and does not even indicate that the individual whose name appears on List L in this document has ever been accused of any violation of the law in any context): all issues  which are held against anyone on this list, and pertaining to or arising from State, County or Parish, Municipal, School District, Judicial District, Borough or Township levels of government, or having to do with condominium association quasi-municipalities of any type, shall be at least temporarily deemed according to the terms of this agreement as Federal offenses which are pardonable by the President under Article Two, Section Two, Paragraph One of the Constitution of the United States as well as under Article Four, Section Four guarantees and the Article Six Constitutional Supremacy clause in the same Constitution: not Federal offenses committed by the individuals whose names appear as listed on List L in this document, but rather Federal offenses committed against the individuals whose names appear as listed on List L hereinafter.  This, therefore,  shall remove any objection to enable all the individuals listed on List L to be lawfully deemed as worthy of and qualified for the granting of a Reprieve and Pardon from the President of the United States, under the wording of Article Two, Section Two, Paragraph One of the Constitution of the United States.  By this means, the President shall do his part to enforce Article Six of the Constitution of the United States.   
Thus shall all State and lower jurisdiction, including any and all jurisdiction of lower courts in these matters over all the people on this list, be ended. These issues and matters pertaining to the people listed on List L shall be Federalized by the President and/or the US Justice  Department on grounds that the Governments of States, subdivisions of States, or condominium associations committed the Federal offenses by which the actions taken against the individuals on List L shall have become pardonable by the President. All of the individuals on List L shall be pardoned by the President of the United States on the same date,  without delay, and according to due process of law as described here: 
These pardons shall be granted directly by the President, according to the terms of the Agreement or pending Treaty; not via the Office of the 
US Pardon Attorney; and according to work done by attorneys in the 
US Department of State and by other Foreign Ministries of other great nations, according to the following TERMS listed here below in Parts B through L; which terms shall be subject to slight modification and clerical or legal refinement by the US Department of State as well as otherForeign Ministries of other nations, during the process of negotiation with the other great nations listed above inter alia;  moreover,  these terms as follows shall not be subject to any truncation or modification to the point of  substantial denial of redress sought and petitioned for herein; but may be made more generous in the process of any substantial change to the conditions listed below:

Part B) All past convictions and sentences imposed upon all the people on List L shall be voided and ended by  a Presidential pardon, to be granted in a form which is either severally granted or granted according to each  individual.

Part C) There shall be an immediate ending to all  judicial penalties, including all incarcerative conditions such as prison terms, and all terms and conditions of parole and probation, and all fines and civil penalties imposed judicially upon all these individuals in List L.  For all practical purposes, all convictions, penalties, fines and other judicial acts imposed on all the individuals listed on List L will be as though they have never existed in the eyes of the law; and thus none of these previous penalties may be extended by any act of Government, including surveillance or any other police action, and including any judicial grudge.  
However, the individuals pardoned will have the right to  recourse and 
compensation for past injuries and damages inflicted, and justice on their behalf individually or severally shall not be obstructed by any agency of Government in the United States.

Part D) There shall be an expungement of all surveillance records, 
police contact records, arrest records, and records of trial and conviction and sentencing; against all the individuals listed on List L.  The individuals listed on List L shall have the right to take legal action against any individual or organization which has ever published any account of these records which is dependent on these records as a source; in the event that any such publishers fail to retract their prior version of events within thirty days of notification of the grant of the 
pardon of the individuals on  List L; or in the event that ongoing
harm results from any such version of events even after this
pardoning process takes effect.  The Government of the United States, and the Governments of the other great nations who shall become a party to this Agreement, inter alia, shall provide all necessary  information with all due diligence to the individuals listed on List L, with regard to Part D of these Terms, either through Reputation Defender, or Reputation Online Management Consultants, or through any similar organization.   The information provided shall include the names of organizations or individuals who have used these official records to publish information which, subsequent to the granting of this pardon, shall be regarded by law as defamatory if not retracted within the 30-day period of notice;  and the information thus described shall be provided to the attorneys working on behalf of the individuals on the list, in confidentiality. The information shall not be provided directly to the individuals being pardoned. 
Part E)  The President shall write or order a Letter of Declaration of Actual Innocence to all individuals on List L.  The declaration shall be effective as of the date of the granting of the Presidential reprieve and/or pardon; and shall record and announce the fact that the President  has granted a full and unconditional reprieve and pardon for the individual, for all offenses or civil debts for which the individual may have been deemed  responsible or held liable by any Court in the land, prior to the date of the Declaration of Actual Innocence and grant of Presidential Reprieve and Pardon. 
Part F) The President shall order the return of all property and other assets taken from all individuals on the list (and/or their heirs) since January 1, 1967; as a result of any action of Government, at the behest of Government, or by anyone who has ever been employed directly or indirectly by Government since that time. This return shall include or account for all artistic works covered by the Exclusive Use Clause of Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution, as well as common law assets which are more intangible, such as peace of mind; in cases where it is fitting and proper to order such return in the form of compensation therefor; as it is not practicable to envision that Government can turn back the clock by  decree.  In all cases where any Federal department or agency is liable for the damage, that department shall be ordered by the President to grant reasonable  compensation according to agreement between the attorney for each individual listed in List L on the one hand, and the Government on the other hand. This return shall include reinstatement in any  Government agency or School District, whenever the person listed on List L shall have been wrongfully terminated or bullied out of any Government job;  and the reinstatement and career-rehabilitation shall be compensatory, in that the pay grade and level of rank shall be at least two grades higher than the highest level prior to the dismissal or the resignation from the job as a result of bullying.  In the event  repatriation is not advisable or possible in the same  agency, the reinstatement shall be accomplished by placement in an agency in another area of Government compatible with agreements to be 
reached between the Government and the  attorneys for the individuals on List L who have been affected by the conditions described in  this part, (Part F), of this Agreement. Whenever the individual on List L has been  self-employed, and whenever the business of the particular individual on List L has been adversely affected by Government as a result of the matters described in this Agreement, and to be pardoned and expunged by this Agreement;  in all such cases these individuals listed on List L shall be provided, at no cost to themselves, with business licences suitable for the requirements to do business in all geographic locations and jurisdictions where the individual has done business prior to the adversities inflicted upon their business by Government.   The individuals' word of honor shall be sufficient proof of the geographic extent of their business activity in each case.  These business licenses shall be valid for a duration of fifteen years from the date of the pardon to be granted by the President, and these business licenses shall be presumed to be in effect immediately, whether or not any Government agency has issued them, as soon as the pardons are granted to the individuals on List L. Whenever the individual on List L has either 
reached the threshold of retirement or actionable disability by the time the pardons referred to in this Agreement shall have been granted by the President, the pensions of all such individuals shall be adjusted accordingly, to compensate for loss of employment time, enforced idleness, loss of rank and loss of pay grade. Whenever any individual listed in List L shall have been subjected to loss of employment or demotion in any corporate venue, that individual shall be eligible for reinstatement at the same or higher pay grade according to terms which shall be established between the attorneys for each individual so described,on the one hand, and the corporations in question or their ancillary organizations, on the other hand. Whenever any individual listed in List L shall have been or has been subjected to loss of professional license, or any action taken to disbar that individual, or any other loss of professional standing or any other similar indignity such as the loss or suspension of any  teaching credential, all such actions against any individuals listed on List L in this Agreement shall be regarded as Federal offenses which have violated the Constitutional rights of the individuals on List L whose interests have been damaged thusly; and these actions shall be voided by the President.   
Any teaching certificates which have been the subject of any adverse legal action by Government are to be returned and upgraded to permanent status, in any and all States wherein  individuals listed on List L may have obtained these teaching certificates in the past; and all school districts, private schools or colleges to which the person listed in List L shall apply subsequent to the granting of the reprieve and pardon by the President, shall make a  teaching position available.  Official notification shall be provided to the appropriate State governments within 30 days of the grant of the pardons enumerated in this Agreement, and such notification shall be delivered formally to the Attorneys General in each State wherein the offense against each individual shall have taken place.  There will be no need for the Federal Government to identify or trace the malefactors who have wrought such indignities or damages upon the individuals in List L who have been harmed by such losses of professional license or disbarrments or other indignities. 
Part G)  All current, ongoing, pending or prior  legal actions which have been furthered or initiated by Government or any School District or condominium association, or by any Government contractor, against any and all individuals listed on List L, shall end by virtue of the reprieves and pardons to be granted by the President of the United States under the terms of this Agreement. These legal actions shall not be revisited in any other form, or in any disguised form, in any court in the United States.    
The revisiting of any such matters or existing issues in any Court 
within the jurisdiction of the United States shall be regarded by law as a violation of the Double Jeopardy clause of the Constitution of the United States
In all cases wherein individuals listed on List L are parties to court-ordered child custody restrictions which have ever been averred in any way to have been violations of the human rights treaties and conventions to which the United States is a party, or of the  Constitution of the United States or of the  laws of the United States or the State where the individual resides, all restrictions imposed on any such individuals listed in List L, by  State or family courts shall be lifted, whenever these conditions are disputed by the person listed in List L; and all prior child custody  arrangements previously ordered by courts  shall be annulled; with full custody awarded to the  mother of any and all minor children who have been subjected to involuntary removal from the custody of their mother prior to the time this Agreement shall be  in effect, or the pardon shall have been granted by the President of the United States; whichever is sooner. This arrangement shall be regarded and respected as permanent, by all State and Federal agencies in the United States, and by all courts in the  United States of America.
Part H) In all cases where the individuals listed on List L have ever 
i) taken the Foreign Service Exam to work in the United States State Department, or
ii) been awarded any type of degree in international studies, or 
iii) have done any type of work in  law or peacemaking or enforcement of agreements to end war, or 
iv) have done professional work in the context of any type of international negotiation: the individuals in question (those with an asterisk * 
after their name in List L, inter alia) shall be granted diplomatic status 
by the President,  and shall have diplomatic immunity as well for a period 
of five years after this Agreement shall have taken effect, or for a period 
of five years after the President shall have granted the grant of reprieve and pardon to that individual.

Part J) All outstanding and pending warrants, all civil debts, all credit score defects,  all pending or active court hearing summonses and all liens, mortgages, fines, legal debts,  travel restrictions imposed by Government, and all civil or criminal claims of any kind made by Government within the jurisdiction of the United States, against any and all of the individuals listed in List L, shall be madenull and void as a result of, and as part and parcel of, the reprieves and pardons 
to be granted by the President to the individuals on List L.  
No issue raised by any such prior action shall be revisited in any similar 
future action, or by any repetition which is disguised as a de novo action.  
All blacklistings by any Government agency against any and all of the 
individuals listed on List L shall be quashed and voided, and shall be 
considered as violations of due process of law.

Part K)  All of the individuals listed in List L shall be exempt from any and all Federal, State and local income tax requirements with  respect to filings and payments, as well as any and all School District and condominium fee and local jurisdiction property taxes and fees, which are either outstanding or which shall come due at any time prior to January 1, 2018.  
All individuals listed on List L shall; pursuant to the 
Article Four, Section Four guarantee of republican form of Government 
in the Constitution of the 
United States, be eligible for an automatic 
Federal income tax refund in the amount of $30,000 US, to be paid by the US Department of the Treasury, prior to the time this Agreement 
shall have taken effect or the Presidential reprieves and pardons shall be granted, whichever is sooner.  
All bail monies which shall have been required and paid on behalf of 
any of the individuals listed on List L, shall be required to be returned to the individual(s) who paid such bail money in the amount the bail money has been paid, within 30 days of the time this Agreement takes effect; and in the event that requirement has not been met, the individuals who paid such bail shall be entitled to a compensation of not less than $30,000, within six months 
of the time this Agreement shall have taken effect, and any such latter 
compensation shall be paid by order of the President of the United States; pursuant to the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

Under this Agreement, and according to its terms, and according to orders issued by the President in carrying out this Agreement; all individuals who are listed on List L shall  have the right to apply to the Office of the Pardon Attorney for assistance in obtaining compensation for damages which can no longer be restored in any other way 
than through the consolation of financial compensation which, although insufficient to fully make whole any or all individuals who are listed on List L, may nevertheless be an honest and non-insulting action by Government in the United States  toward these ends; and furthermore the Office of the US Pardon Attorney shall be charged by the President with establishing procedures for the benefit of individuals listed on List L which are also for the benefit of the people of the United States 
and/or the world community, which shall set precedents for future compensative action.   Furthermore, the Office of the Pardon Attorney shall be charged by the President to work with the US Department of State in pro-actively seeking to work out arrangements in which pardons may be mutually negotiated between nations, and  ultimately ratified in the form of a treaty or treaties, including pardons on behalf of people who  have been prosecuted or harmed by Government agencies or courts in the United States.  
All individuals listed on List L shall have until January 1, 2018 or until 
four years after this Agreement shall have taken effect, whichever date comes later, to apply to the Office of the Pardon Attorney for this type of assistance.
In view of the relatively low pardoning ratios of all Presidents of the United States since 1981, and especially in view of the all-time low US pardoning ratios since 2008, this Agreement shall require that the sitting US Pardon Attorney as of this date and time (February 17, 2014) shall be relieved of his duties by the President  effective within 30 business days of the date and time this Agreement takes effect, if that change in position shall not already have transpired by that time; and that one individual listed on List L in this document, who is in the view of the  President of the United States best suited for the job, be appointed US Pardon Attorney. 
This Agreement shall also require that the person who shall be appointed as US Pardon Attorney under the terms and conditions of this Agreement and who shall accept the post, shall also be instructed by the President of the United States to appoint up to five other individuals listed in List L to work in the Office of the Pardon Attorney for a duration of no less than three months. 
The President shall also direct the Office of the Pardon Attorney, and the individual holding the position of US Pardon Attorney, to widen the scope of pardons generally, and to succeed in its mission in the future where it has failed in the past; and to above all use its resources in order to support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States by continuing the work which shall have been initiated by this Agreement.

LIST L) The following individuals are listed on this list, known as List L:

1)Mary Bagnaschi, of Torrington, CT VETERAN
2) Don Bailey, of Harrisburg PA VETERAN
3) Elena Blank, aka Elena Blank Gross, in the vicinity of Riverside, CA
4) Nellie Boykin, of Queens, NY .
5) Deborah Breuner, of Temecula, CA 
6) Debbie Buchan, of Wyndmoor, PA
7) The Honorable Mary Elizabeth Bullock, CA
8) Maria Jose Carrascosa,  citizen of Spain (now in prison in New Jersey)
9) Jennifer Cartwright, of Sidney, NE
10) Katherine Cherry, in Loveland, CO
11) Roger Christie, of Hawaii 
12) Katherine Conner, of Wilson, Louisiana
13) Anne Coyle, Attorney, Texas (formerly of Gretna, PA)
14) George Thomas Crouse, of Lebanon and Berks Counties, PA
15) Kerry Cunneen, Oregon Washington State area. 
16) Scott Davis, PO Box 877, Edgmont, PA  19028-0877 <>
17) Andrea Cota Eigner, of Connecticut
18) Richard I. Fine, of California
19) Gretchen (Gretel) Fonseca, of Drexel Hill, PA
20) Andy Gil Garcia,  Spring Hill, Florida
21) Elizabeth Fontaine Grieco,
22) Sara Harvey and Gary Harvey VETERAN, New York State
23) April Ann Header, Lebanon County, PA
24) Susan Hiller, Charleston, South Carolina,
25)  Robert Hodge, Tennessee 
26) Larry Hohol, Florida
27) Cherie Honkala, of Philadelphia, PA 
28) Linda L. Kennedy, Attorney in Virginia, 
29) Pamela A. Kilmer, Salinas, Puerto Rico
30) John Kinsel, of Louisiana/Texas 
31) Gerald "Jerry" Koch, New York City  
32) Adam Kokesh, of Washington DC
33) Robert Charles Leone,  of Vestal, New York
34) Pastor and Chaplain William Lee.,  of northeastern Pennsylvania 
35) Sally Li, of Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
36) Danielle Lucero, of Wichita, Kansas
37) Felicita Luna, of Spring Hill, Florida
38) Daniel McGowan, Journalist, Brooklyn, New York
39) Claudia Ann Montelione and
40)  Francesca, daughter of Claudia Ann: PA (Clients of Eugene Wrona)
41) Matthew Moore, son of Katherine Conner,  of Wilson, Louisiana 
42) Margaret Motheral (Formerly of Philadelphia, PA)
43) Katherine K-tee-O Olejnik, of the Oregon-Washington area 
44) Sue Paterno, State College, PA   
45) Matthew "Maddy" Pfeiffer, Oregon-Washington State area. 
46) Karen Piper, Columbia, Missouri (Author, Left In The Dust)
47) Leah-Lynn Plante, of the Oregon-Washington area
48) Aaron Rabold, Waymart SCI, Wayne County, PA (Son of D. L. Rabold)
49) Maha Abdel Rahim, of Puerto Rico
50) Brandon J. Raub, of Virginia
51) Emitt Rhodes, Huntingdon Beach, California
52) Ron Rinck, Northeastern PA, VETERAN
53) Scott Ritter (UNSCOM Inspector in Iraq; Recently in Somerset, PA)
54) Margo Royer, of Centre County, Pennsylvania
55) Bonni Rubinstein, Pennsylvania
56) Judge Deann Salcido (Legal Analyst, California)
57) Mr. Chris Schwartz, formerly of Gladwyne, PA
58) Sharon Schwindt, of Hernando County, Florida 
59) Richard Scrushy, of Alabama,   
60) Roger Shuler, of Alabama
61) Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, recently in Oakdale, Louisiana 
62) Dana Jill Simpson, of Alabama   
63) Robert Simpson, of Alabama
64) Greg Skomaroske, of Wisconsin,
65) Craig Snyder, Saylorsburg, PA
66) Jill Stein, Green Party Candidate for President, 2012
67) Harumi Suda; formerly of Sayama, Chiba, Japan, now living in Hawaii.
68) Alan (husband of Serene) Thompson, Lansdale, PA
69) Emily Thompson, of the Prince Georges County MD area
70) Michael Warnken (California)
71) Judson Witham, of Lynchburg, Virginia
72) William Windsor, of Georgia
73) Eugene Wrona (Attorney in eastern Pennsylvania)
74) Ziyad Yaghi, of North Carolina
75) Emily Yates, Philadelphia (The "Banjo-playing veteran")
76) Kelly Zimmerman, of Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania.
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