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Keep the beloved H.P. Lovecraft caricature busts ('Howards') as World Fantasy Awards trophies, don't ban them to be PC!

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A recent petition organised by others has asked that H.P. Lovecraft's likeness cease to be used on World Fantasy Awards trophies, due to his 'racism.' We the undersigned are Fantasy and Horror fans who are passionately opposed to this change, which we believe is driven by political correctness.

Many of us are actively opposed to racism, and though we admit some of Lovecraft's personal opinions were less than ideal, he lived in far more racist times than ours, and like everyone who has ever existed, wasn't always right. We forgive him his imperfections, and we love, value and miss him for his never-to-be-forgotten Fantasy and Horror stories. As the creator of the 'Cthulhu mythos,' HPL has had a vast, indeed immeasurable influence on the Fantasy genre.

Except in rare, very early, immature pieces, Lovecraft did not use his stories as a vehicle for racism. Claims to the contrary demonstrate a negligible knowledge of Horror literature, which aims to instill fear in its readers. One of the major human fears is the fear of that which is most different to ourselves. HPL story devices such as remote tribes making unspeakable sacrifices to alien gods, and isolated harbour village dwellers breeding with things-that-are-not-quite-right from the ocean depths, should be viewed as just that, fictional story devices promoting pleasant temporary unease, rather than as pro-racist treatises to be coldly dissected, abused, then banned by the politically correct, including non-Fantasy-loving control freaks. Many of us who oppose racism had read Lovecraft for years with no intimation of any discriminatory content.

Of the two unofficial 'candidates' for trophy likenesses in the two current petitions to the WFA, only Lovecraft has been a major influence on many hundreds of other writers, both during his lifetime and until the present. Uncountable films and TV shows also veritably drip with his influence. Only HPL's stories were frequently published for many decades in Fantasy magazines, even before the Golden Age of Science Fiction (often with memorable cover illustrations).

H.P. Lovecraft was not female, and was not black. To diminish him for being male and Caucasian, attributes completely beyond his control, would be both sexist and racist. He was gender-balanced in that he neither used his use his work as a vehicle for feminism, nor supported the misandry (hatred of males) volubly promoted by many self-described 'feminist authors' (the latter resulting in, for instance, the almost complete lack of government-funded shelters for the proportion of domestic violence victims who are male).

The fact that the award trophy is a caricature bust (by renowned genre comics artist Gahan Wilson) is further evidence that only the humourless PC crowd want it abolished. Some of us are of the Left, yet oppose political correctness in its various forms as being deeply prejudiced philosophies aimed at the simple minded. What would be correctly labelled as fascist acts if the equivalent was performed by the extreme Right too often goes lamentably unchallenged amongst the Left. We are challenging it now.

H.P. Lovecraft was and is a legend in the Fantasy and Horror genres, and deserves to always be remembered as such, including by the World Fantasy Awards continuing to present 'Howards' as  trophies. Let us not allow history to be rewritten a la 1984 by attempting to blot Lovecraft's name from the copy books. Those few award recipients who really can't stand H.P. Lovecraft can always turn their 'Howard' to face the wall, as genre writer China Miéville did, stating he was thereby "punishing the little f#@*er." (And even Mr Miéville admitted elsewhere that Lovecraft's "unputdownable" writing was a major influence on him!)

H.P. Lovecraft. We LOVE the little f#@*er! Please KEEP the Howards!

UPDATE 17 OCT: 'Signatures needed' number substantially increased as the competition petition increased theirs. THE PC PETITION ALREADY HAS OVER 2,600 SIGNATURES! :/ Please LINK to this page on EVERY Lovecraft/horror board, website, social media and blog you can manage, otherwise it's BYE BYE HOWARDS!! (Feel free to copy/paste anything from here.) If you make a forum topic, bump it regularly with a new post! WE THE UNDERDOGS *WILL* WIN WITH A LITTLE ONGOING EFFORT FOLKS, OUR ANGLES MIGHT SOUND ODD TO THE UNINITIATED BUT THERE IS AWESOME POWER IN OUR DEPTHS!!! IA!!! SHIB NIGGURATH!!! THE GOAT WITH A THOUSAND YOUNG!!!

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