It’s Time for the First-Ever Woman World Bank President

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From communities to the corporate world, investing in women is critical to creating positive change: reducing poverty, improving livelihood and health outcomes, sustainable growth, inclusive development, equitable rights and more.

Yet in its 75-year history, the World Bank has NEVER had a woman president. With so many highly qualified women around the world, it is time for the World Bank to nominate a woman for its next president.

The World Bank plays a critical role in developing its 189 member countries and the more than $60 billion it gives to countries each year. This money supports women entrepreneurs, drives climate change action, finances innovation, supports emergency response, and more. In all of these arenas, women are critical players on the ground, driving real-time change and community solutions.

Women are disproportionately impacted by the policies and practices of the World Bank, yet the World Bank president has never been a woman. Women’s voices deserve to be at the table - and leading it.

For too long, the World Bank president has been decided in select halls of power rather than in the public domain, and women have been disproportionately shut out. It’s time for the World Bank to consider a qualified woman candidate for its next president who can steer the Bank to champion gender equality and the rights and interests of all women and girls.

The World Bank is one of the most influential drivers of multilateral cooperation and global prosperity. Its president should embody the Bank’s mission and represent its vision. Any nominee for this post should, at a minimum, recognize and prioritize empowering women and girls socially, politically and economically as a central driver to reducing poverty and improving living standards worldwide. A qualified woman candidate would best understand women’s potential as the largest untapped force for economic sustainability and growth, and ensure the women’s voices – who make up 51% of the world’s population – are heard. 

THAT’S WHY we’re calling for the World Bank and its member countries to nominate women.


Tell the World Bank and member countries: It is time for the World Bank to select the first woman World Bank president.

Tweet #WorldBankWomen at @WorldBank and make your voices heard!

This is a critical opportunity to ensure the capable advancement of the Bank’s mission, raise visibility for women’s leadership, and push for an equitable and inclusive development agenda that champions the equality, rights, and empowerment of women and girls. Join us today.

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