Working to put an end to rent discrimination against non UK/EU citizens

Working to put an end to rent discrimination against non UK/EU citizens

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There  are approximately 5,127 Tier 1 and 97,147 Tier 2 visa holders in the UK.

When we look at these statistics we probably assume that these visa holders and their families will have a secure place to live in. What we do not see, or we try to ignore is the rules that promote discrimination against non-UK/ EU citizens.

Tier 1 visa, also known as an Entrepreneur Visa, allows overseas business people to invest to establish a new business or take over running a UK  business.

But Tier 2 Visas can also be  for skilled workers who come to the UK  to take up an employment.

 Although the Equality Act 2010 states that private and social housing landlords must not discriminate against a tenant who apply to rent a property, the new Right To Rent policy introduced in 2016 forces landlords to check the immigration status of potential tenants causing serious discrimination.

The  majority of landlords will also request paying a month’s deposit with six months or a year upfront, which makes it unaffordable for many.

Renting equality is a concern for everyone, it should not matter whether the person is a non-UK/ EU citizen or not. Being able to rent a place to live in is a basic human right anyone could ask for.

With your help we can change this discrimination and end up #Rentalinequality.

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