Stop the objectification of women to sell boots in front of K-12 school

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There's a billboard just outside of our school for the Work Boot Warehouse that overwhelmingly objectifies women. It's a bright yellow, very noticeable sign that hundreds of kids pass by every day. The billboard uses a woman's body to sell its boots, which are barely represented. This treatment of the female body sets a terrible example for young women who see it and there are a lot of them — the billboard is across from both a school and a park. It teaches women that they are defined by their bodies and that they must look a certain way. It is our responsibility  to create and protect a positive environment for young women. Now is the time to promote body positivity, not comparison and objectification. Taking down this billboard is a powerful step toward body positivity and a message against the use of women's bodies to sell products that have nothing to do with the women themselves.