Keep the Worimi Conservation Lands Access Fees at a Reasonable Price!

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The new charges announced by the Aboriginal-owned Stockton Beach Dunes from Stockton to Anna Bay a.k.a. Worimi Conservation Lands will see annual beach permits increase in price from $30 p.a. to $88 p.a. (193.33% increase) and three-day permits rise from $10 to $33 (230% increase) on Jan 1 2019. 

Annual pensioner permits will go up from $20 to $44 (120% increase ), annual RVA (recreational vehicle area) permits (for conditionally registered quads and motorbikes) from $30 to $88 and replacement permits from $10 to $20.

We, the regular users and locals to the area think that this is unfair because there was no warning or consultation with the public and that the amount of the increase is also very unfair and unreasonable.

For more than 100 years people could access the sand dunes free of charge including the fishing huts known as Tin City, camping, 4WDing, motorcycling, fishing, swimming and surfing are all activities enjoyed by the modern users. 

Why now after all this time do fees need to be implemented when it was there for 1000's of years before?  The area is funded by the National Parks & Wildlife Service and the Worimi Aboriginal Council who make plenty of money from royalties from Sand Mining, Commercial Tour Operators and Fishing Operators to name a few.

There is no need for a beach permit system other than to prevent people from gaining free access.

We believe that the access fees are not required and therefore any increase in the current system is unfair and unreasonable.  

They are ruining the beauty of the sand dunes by putting up fences, posts and signs everywhere and restricting access.