End Caged Eggs Forever

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Our names are Aaron Ha, Luke Leckie, Jet Lin and Lachlan Richards and we are Year 6 students at Trinity Grammar School. We are investigating the impacts of Animal Cruelty. We hope to convince Woolworths/Coles to ban caged eggs now and not wait until 2023.

We believe that Coles/Woolworths should ban caged eggs now because the chickens that produce these eggs are living in very cramped and cruel conditions. Factory Farms cruelly inhibit the natural life of a chicken.  In factory farms, a chicken’s average wingspan is 75 cm but battery cages only allow 26 cm so they can’t spread their wings. Chickens can barely move around making it unbearable to live and, chickens can’t access any natural sunlight. 80% of chickens in battery cages suffer from osteoporosis because of a lack of movement and calcium depletion. 80% of chicken eggs are caged. Around 40 billion are kept in sheds and in cages, have painful skin conditions and have very weak lungs and bones.  This is not living but rather just surviving.

At present, Woolworths/Coles stores sell cage-free eggs. However, this is not the same as free-range. Caged eggs are from battery cages which denies space but cage-free is roughly the same. Cage-free only allows a bit of room to roam. Below is a picture of cage-free chickens.

There isn’t much room for them to roam which is still animal cruelty. This is factory farming as they have limited space and is inside, away from natural sunlight. It is imperative that we consider the needs of animals to live pain-free.  Please try and consider this during the future.

Another reason on why Woolworths and Coles should ban caged eggs is that free-range eggs are more nutritious than caged eggs.  Free-range eggs are more nutritious than caged eggs. They have:

- Twice as much omega-3 fatty acids
- Three times more vitamin E
- Up to six more times Vitamin D
- Higher in B group vitamins
- Rich in two powerful antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin – important for eye health

Another benefit of free-range eggs is that the chickens eat grass and insects compared to processed food with steroids. We need to stop factory farming for the benefits of people and animals.  In addition, factory farming has many negative effects on the environment like excessive greenhouse gases, pollution and deforestation.

In conclusion, we have made it evidently clear that Woolworths/Coles should stop selling caged eggs. They are less nutritious than free-range eggs, have devastating effects on our world and deny chickens the right to a healthy, pain-free life.