Remove single-use plastic bags from Woolworths & introduce a final bag solution together

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Western Australia features some of the most beautiful marine life and locations in the country - our plastic waste is having a negative effect on such areas which could lead to permenant pollution areas and loss of marine life. 

In Western Australia single-use plastic bags have been banned within retailers, however smaller plastic bags such as FRUIT AND VEG bags along with the new RECYCLED PLASTIC bags are still available to consumers.

Plastic is plastic regardless of how the supermarkets think consumers may be using or disposing of them. It's time to make a positive change and remove these bags!

Woolworths Australia is not nieve, they understand that consumers won't be happy about the removal of all plastic bags as what will they use to bag up their produce, as it's been a normality to do so for so long - that's why Woolworths are interested in solving this solution with the help of YOU.

Help show that you are on board with the banning of ALL single-use plastic bags available in supermarkets and that you will work together to find a solution to the problem.

Recyclable plastic is not an option, with only 8% of plastic gets recycled anyway.

Recycled plastic is not an option, it's still plastic!

Biodegradable plastic is not an option, they are controversial as to their carbon footprint and end result.

SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY SIGNING THIS PETITION & HEAD TO BantheBag Western Australia on Facebook to have your say and help Woolworths deliver a solution to such a big problem!