Reduce sales of factory farmed products

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Factory Farming

Only about a few decades ago, animals in Australia were farmed in a traditional way: real farms with open pastures. However, nowadays, almost 95 percent of pork and chickens eaten in Australia are from factory farmed.

Locking livestock in small cages and disabling their natural behavior just to maximize the production and minimize the cost is wrong. Many animals in factory farms never touch the ground or see direct sunlight. Battery hens is the main example of factory farming. They confine chickens in small cages. They often stand permanently on sloping wire, causing them pain in their feet. Battery cages is a term for housing system that is used for various animal production methods, but majorly for hens. The name “Battery cages” comes from the line of rows and columns of same cages connected together, resembling artillery battery.

It is never too late to stop factory farming. All we ask is 2 minutes of your time.

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