Coles Insurance Honor My Policy

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My son and I have been living without running water to our house for over 11 days.

Coles Insurance is trying to avoid paying my straight forward, clear cut claim!!!

Please help me get Coles Insurance to fix this mistake and stop delaying and dragging out accepting my claim!!!

Below are the details!

I have a burst pipe in my bathroom and have been 11 days with no water.

My nine year old son suffers from allergies and respiratory problems and our bathroom now has a mould because of the burst pipe!!!

The burst pipe is under my bath. According to my plumber, it happened in the last few weeks! Coles Insurance's own assessor told me (one week ago) that the damage was clearly from a burst pipe and that my claim would be accepted. He even went so far as to say “pick out your tile colours” and that the building manager would be in contact with me in the next few days!

Coles Insurance claims team has since rejected my claim on the basis of “seepage or slow escape of liquid over time”. And said the damage is a result of a “maintenance issue”. How can a burst pipe, completely hidden under my fully enclosed bath (100% inaccessible) be a “maintenance issue”?

I requested an urgent review of decision last Thursday, and am now stuck with no running water in my house!! And a bathroom which is growing more mould!

Coles insurance is aware that I’m without water. I asked if I should look into getting my own repairs, but I was told someone would get back to me. I’ve called three times following up the review, and keep getting told someone will get back to me.

I'm now facing having to move out of my house, because:
1. I have no running water.
2. The mould is dangerous to myself and my son.
3. My policy precludes me from having repairs done without consent of Coles Insurance (I have asked about this and have been told "we'll get back to you").
4. If I do go ahead and get quotes and arrange repairs without consent, Coles Insurance is within it's rights to refuse to reimburse me.
5. I can't turn the water on, because it will cause more damage and therefore void my policy.

I have no idea how long it will take Coles insurance to correct their mistake, honor my policy and accept my claim. I've obtained independent legal advice, and have been advised that this it could take MONTHS to resolve this issue!!! I simply cannot be without running water in my house for that long!