ban plastic and paper bags.

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Plastic bags are becoming a major problem. 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are in the ocean right now. Over 100,000 sea turtles mistake the plastic bags for jelly fish and try to eat it but in the process the turtle gets strangled. Another plastic bags go is landfill. Each year just over 200,000 tones of plastic bags end up in landfill. 429,000 end up in landfill per hour which means that 102,096,000 plastic bags end up in landfill each day and imagine how many end up there each year.

When the plastic bags break down over the years they release toxic chemicals and form into soil. Once that cycle happens animals may come along and with the unfortunate event eat it. Way over 80,000 animals are victims of this on both land and water. Turtles seem to be the unluckiest as they mistake the plastic bags for jelly fish and try to eat it and then they choke to death and come to a very sad end. The facts show that 1% of plastic bags are reused and the other percentage of plastic bags end up in either landfill or our seas which is leading to all the deaths of these wonderful and amazing creatures.

Some states of Australia are switching to paper bags which is really not a good idea because paper bags are no better than plastic bags. If everyone used paper bags as an alternative we will have to start cutting down more trees. If that happens we will have less oxygen and more carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide is bad for our breathing and animals breathing.

Every plastic bag that ends up in landfill or the ocean ultimately has the potential to kill an animal every 3 months. So that is why all these animals are dying because of the amount of plastic bags that end up in landfill or the sea have the potential to kill four animals per year.

People who recycle bags are good people but barely any of those bags end up being reused.

So if people step up and reuse their bags, by 2019 we will have decreased the amount of animals that are killed because of plastic bags. But if people don't step up we will start to see  animals dying more rapidly. So let's switch to reusable bags and start reusing to save the enviorment for the better!