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Women's Rights Are Human Rights: Condemn the Horrific Gang Rape in Delhi, Empower Public Safety

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Public Safety for Women in India has become a bigger concern due to the recent death of the gang rape victim in Delhi. A great deal of support is needed to cause change on this issue. I am an American and I have found it challenging to use public buses in India without experiencing some form of  molestation. I was assaulted last year in Delhi on a business trip. The police showed complete disinterest until I involved the US embassy. It was a tough battle. One of my friends sustained fractures to his skull while trying to protect me and the security guard standing nearby watched the whole thing and then ran away. The manager of the security guard, who I later reached out to, blamed us for being out at night.

The support of many different organizations, communities, and individuals will be needed to help drive change on this issue.

I have worked for a fortune 500 for many years. I have seen their genuine and powerful commitment to the communities they serve. We come together now as a global community to empower public safety for women in India.

Enforcement is Key. Economic strength is a major change agent. Let us partner with American companies doing business in India to help drive lasting change.

Your support is crucial.

The companies in this petition are known for their strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, civic duty, and governance. They have been recognized and ranked under  “America’s Most Reputable Companies” by Forbes, 2012. Their products and services have been deemed a global standard. Their deep commitment to their employees, customers, and the communities they serve differentiate them as best in class.

American companies form the majority of the foreign companies operating in India while also being one of the top sources of foreign direct investment in India. They have joint ventures, back office operations, manufacturing, IT services, retail, financial services, and customer service call centers in India.

 I am requesting that these companies condemn this atrocious act against this young woman so that safety for women in public spaces is addressed quickly and appropriately. This will strengthen their brand worldwide as their employees and customers engage deeply with the genuine concern they have for the communities they serve.

Their powerful voice will comfort millions of families who are concerned for the safety of their daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers. Their support will  empower lawmakers to keep their focus on this issue and ensure that effective safeguards are put in place.


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