Reject Thameside Flyover ( East Reading MRT ) , Save Our Green Space

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Proposed by Reading Borough Council, the East Reading Mass Rapid Transit contravenes multiple local and national policies and should never be allowed to go ahead.

We thank Wokingham Council's Planning committee for rejecting the scheme in June 2018 , thus upholding local and government legislation. This was the correct response to such a policy-breaching proposal.

BUT outrageously, Reading Council are wasting yet more public money on resubmitting the failed planning application this winter, with frivolous cosmetic tweaks to the scheme's appearance. Wokingham's concerns about the bridge’s height, scale, and its prominent and sensitive location have not been addressed - the scheme would still contravene the same policies as before and be hugely detrimental to the landscape character of the area.

A local and national asset

As well as being part of a larger national asset, the Thames riverside path at Kennet Mouth is much loved by the local community and the only remaining road-free green space for East Reading's residents.

By taking the time to visit the riverside, Wokingham Planning Officers saw the impact that a flyover would have on the runners, walkers, commuters, cyclists, bird watchers, anglers, parents and children that use the area. They were able to comprehend the environmental destruction the flyover would cause - the scheme would include the loss of over 766 trees, causing irrevocable impact on the animal and insect species that rely on them, and detrimentally affecting air quality.

Ensure Wokingham's decision sticks

Wokingham's properly considered decision was right, policy-compliant and forward-thinking. It would make a mockery of the planning process if Reading Council's cosmetic revisions to what remains a policy-flouting scheme were to result in the correct decision being reversed.

We ask that the cosmetic alterations in the “revised” proposal be rejected.

There are progressive, more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternatives to explore and implement. In an era where politicians are no longer trusted, Wokingham's decision renewed the community's faith in democracy and we ask that their decision holds so that precious green space remains protected by local and government legislation.

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