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A formal planning application (PLAN/2019/1176) was submitted to WBC very late in 2019, which is consistent with the objections listed below:

1. Woking FC location cannot support further expansion in what is already an over crowded area, with very limited, inadequate infrastructure. Any increase in capacity would create added noise, more light pollution & high levels of transient people & road traffic. Despite the meagre crowds that historically attend this ground, the existing totally inadequate parking in the area already puts a huge strain on local roads, which any increase in stadium capacity will greatly exacerbate. 

2. The proposed addition of 1048 flats is a density of buildings & people that cannot possibly be sustained by the surrounding area. It would create extreme social pressure & greatly add to an already excessive traffic density. Such a development would have a major negative impact for a wide catchment area. 

3. The proposal for shops & community facility are a complete red herring. There are Sainsbury’s & Co-op stores 2- minutes away & a large Waitrose 5-mins away, with Woking Town centre (where shops are closing) 20-minutes walk.  Various established community centres exist 2-3 minutes away. 

4. Schools in the area are already over-subscribed.