Save the Gibbs House Fellowship

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Currently the Gibbs House Fellowship is facing issues that may lead to the end of the program.  Issues arose that led to the original intention of the fellowship, research, to be lost with time.  The house and program continued, but the initial intention of student-led research was inadvertently lost.  Along with this, the current budget for the home is not sustainable. 

We seek to reinstate the Gibbs House for Environmental Research and Education (GHERE) to the way it was prior to the departure. 

  • The structure of this program will include four students and one coordinator living in the home full-time.  While they live in the home they are responsible to lead a project to serve as a solution to a local sustainability issue that the community faces. 
  • In restructuring the budget of the home we will also demonstrate to the university that the home can be self-sustaining economically. 
  • In including a trained resident sustainability coordinator within the home, projects as well as fellow interactions, can be improved for the good of the home.

It is with the knowledge that this is an uphill climb that we request for the opportunity to redesign the budget, advertise the program, and redesign the way fellows would work towards their projects over the school year 2019-2020 and then reopen the program the following school year.  These key pillars of the restructuring plan will be completed by a temporary role, the GHERE viability researcher, within the Office for Sustainability.