WOTC - Please license Hero Lab to sell official D&D 5e content! We want to buy your content for use in their digital tools!

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Dear Wizards of of the Coast. 

Please let us as consumers give you more money by allowing Lone Wolf Development to sell licensed Dungeons and Dragons 5e content on Hero Lab.

Hero Lab is the character builder of choice for many people. It is a robust and powerful tool which allows us to create and manage our characters and also includes some powerful GM tools for managing combat. 

Hero Lab has a number of differences over your current licensed tools in that it is not web based and has a very robust editor allowing us to create custom 'things' for our games. It has robust DM tools for managing combat. It appeals to a different market than the currently licensed tools and is very appealing to those of us who use technology at the table but don't want to use full blown virtual table top software. It's more advanced software than what is currently available and satisfies a different demographic. Not everyone wants simplicity in their tools as simplicity often demands limitations. Hero Lab shines for people who want the freedom to create their own home brew items with everything from Races, Classes, Magic Items, Monsters, custom rules, etc being possible.  

We love Dungeons and Dragons 5e and would love to be able to supplement the game with our tools of choice. 

PS... please also license Realm Works and Hero Lab Online and just Lone Wolf Development in general. There is already a consumer base here waiting to give you money. 

More potential digital consumers.