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Wizards Of The Coast end Reserve List Policy

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Magic: The Gathering (later referred to as MTG) was the first card game of it's kind, and has lasted longer than any other.  A long time ago Wizards Of The Coast (later referred to as WOTC) enacted a policy known as the Reserve list.  This list was useful at it's inception, but it has outlasted it's purpose.

There is an entire generation of new players that may never be able to play with the cards on this list, simply because they can not afford these cards.  This causes an undue burden upon new players aspiring to play eternal formats.

We desire that WOTC remove this policy and reprint these cards as sealed product. This will benefit the company and players alike. 

We feel that this change will not affect the collecting community, as collectors often keep their collections.  We do know however that by changing this policy WOTC will directly affect dealers, who buy, trade, and sell collections.   

WOTC and its employees have stated that WOTC is not concerned with the secondary market, Which is why we implore you to reprint the reserve-list cards.  Players can purchase staple and long sought after cards directly from the intended market, solely sealed product from retailers and distributors.

Removing the Reserve-List will improve the MTG community/consumer base by allowing the next generation of players to finally be able to afford and own cards that they could not otherwise afford due to the stagnant nature of the secondary/resale market.

Please end this Outdated policy

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