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Revise the Reserved List & Print Legacy Masters

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Legacy is a hugely successful eternal format but its health is at risk due to the Reserved List, a list designed to protect collector investments after the Chronicles debacle in 1995.

The list was revised once in 2002 after a vote by the players.  Since then, the collectors have had their way by forcing Wizards to stop printing physical cards from the Reserved List in any playable form after the 2009 release of FTV: Relics.

Today, the players are here to downed out the voice of the collectors.

Our objective is to revise the Reserved List to only include cards that are banned in Legacy and/or Vintage & Restricted in Vintage and possible a select few other cards that do not see play in those formats.  This would still allow for cards like the Power 9 and Library of Alexandria to never be reprinted and continue to retain value while allowing many needed reprints of cards like dual lands, Tabernacle of the Pendral Vale, Moat, Candralabra of Tawnos, Lion's Eye Diamond, Intuition, City of Traitors, and Gaea's Cradle to name a few in a set similar to Modern Masters. This would also allow for many Legacy playable cards to be reprint that are in need of reprinting but are not on the Reserved List like Force of Will, Karakas, Wasteland, the saclands from Onslaught, as well as many others.

Considering the plan that Wizards put into place with Modern Masters, most cards that were reprinted have actually increased in price due to demand.  I feel that a Legacy Masters set would do the same.

All signers of the petition agree that they will not support any other eternal format as a substitute for Legacy.

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