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Make Standard Pauper a supported format on Magic Online

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We would like Wizards of the Coast, creators of Magic: The Gathering and Magic: The Gathering - Online, to make tournaments and events available for Standard Pauper, a constructed format which uses only standard legal common rarity cards for the following reasons:

1) Playing Magic: The Gathering is an expensive hobby. Many players who play paper Magic: The Gathering do not play Magic Online, and one of the reasons is the cost of maintaining a paper and online card collection is too much. Standard Pauper has the lowest cost of entry for a real constructed format other than Pauper Block Constructed.

2) There are players who have, but do not currently play Magic: The Gathering online or offline due to the cost, but would be interested in playing if the cost of entry was lower.

3) Standard Pauper is a diverse and fun format as evidenced by a large number of players who currently play it without any support from Wizards of the Coast, both off and online.

4) There are players who currently play online constructed formats who are unhappy due to the cost of maintaining a card collection for the currently supported formats, who would be happier and play more if Standard Pauper was available as an alternative tournament format.

5) Standard Pauper is a unique and arguably more skill-testing format due to a larger pool of 'playable' cards which would generally not see play in a non-pauper format.

6) There are a number of players who play in player run events for Standard Pauper who would appreciate being able to play tournament level Standard Pauper if it was a supported tournament format.

7) There are players who want a chance at winning in a competitive atmosphere with cards and combinations of cards because they are fun cards, but cannot due to those cards not being powerful enough in a Rare and Mythic dominated format.

8) Standard Pauper is an easier entry point to competitive constructed Magic: The Gathering due to the cost for brand new players who feel the cost of entry into a currently supported constructed format is too much.

 9) Player's like options and get bored with existing constructed formats. Having another format would make Magic: The Gathering overall more enjoyable and a better experience.

10) By making Standard Pauper a supported format, Magic: The Gathering Online will grow by gaining more players, and this will mean greater competition and more opponents to play with for players, making Magic Online a better, fuller experience for everyone overall.

 11) Classic Pauper is already a supported format on Magic Online, and has a strong following. The reasons for supporting Classic Pauper are applicable to Standard Pauper as well.

12) Standard Pauper has a lower learning curve than other constructed formats due to lower complexity of common cards in general, making it an ideal format to teach new players.

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