The Alternative - Reforming WADA's Governance for a new Anti-Doping Age

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Athlete and Public Confidence in the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is at an all-time low. The global athlete community is speaking up on anti-doping like never before. It has been termed by some commentators as an "athlete-led anti-doping revolution".

In the absence of effective leadership and governance by WADA, it is now time for the global athlete community to fill the void and lead the change that it wants to see. With WADA increasingly out of step with majority public and athlete opinion, it is now incumbent on the athlete community to drive forward logical, pragmatic and positive solutions to improve WADA and make it fit for purpose in the modern world. By working with the true champions of anti-doping reform - such as National Anti-Doping Organisations, Governments, Sports and others - the global athlete community has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change and transform WADA for decades to come.

The changes that will make WADA a "fit for purpose" organisation, and  the changes that will amount to greater transparency, accountability and, most importantly, independence in WADA's governance structure, are all included in The Alternativethe logical and pragmatic Athlete-Led Reform Paper championed by British Paralympian Rio 2016 Silver Medalist Ali Jawad, endorsed by London 2012 Olympic Champion Jared Tallent and backed by swathes of athletes worldwide. 

Play your part in shaping the destiny of WADA by pledging your support to The Alternative. Sign up today and make your mark in history by creating a truly athlete-led anti-doping system that works for everyone - for decades to come!

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