Boycott Wish until they stop selling real baby turtles online

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Baby turtles (also known as hatchlings) have a very long, dangerous journey from their nest to the ocean after they hatch. They do not have parents to help them because after the adult female sea turtle nests on land, she returns to the sea and leaves the eggs to develop on their own. 

When the baby turtles emerge, they usually wait until night time before they begin their journey to the water. This helps them avoid overheating on the sand and they have less chance of being eaten by predators. They use the natural light from the horizon to try and find their way to the ocean and each bump in the sand is an obstacle they have to overcome.

Unfortunately lots of baby turtles fail on their journey to the ocean and there are even volunteer groups that help the hatchlings from the nests to the ocean to give them a better chance of survival.

I was recently horrified to learn that these poor, vulnerable babies are being captured and taken away instead of being helped to the water. They are being encased in resin (a clear liquid that hardens to a glass like material) and sold online by a company called Wish.

I contacted the company who did not appear to understand this was wrong so please join me in boycotting the company until they stop selling these beautiful innocent creatures on their website.