We would like to report animal abuse and protect animals.

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My friend Gauri and I visited Pughs Lagoon Reserve, Kurrajong Road, Richmond NSW (also since we are only 10 my mum is helping us). As soon as we arrived, we laid eyes upon a beautiful black swan. We moved closer and were devastated when we saw it had a hook and line attached to it's beak. Who would do such a thing? Careless fishing in local lakes that are known to be places where these beautiful birds live is not okay.

A couple weeks ago, I (Violet) went to a water park with my family and saw a harmless pigeon laying on the ground. We saw a group of boys who suddenly ran up to the poor pigeon and for no good reason just kicked it. What did this animal ever do to you?

It's a shame that these events are not uncommon, and unfortunately many happen without anyone witnessing or reporting them. We all need to start treating animals as we should treat ourselves -  they are not there for you to neglect and hurt for your own enjoyment.

So, please if you ever see this happen, Report it STRAIGHT AWAY! And if you can, even if it's $1, it will really help us to give to places that can prevent this.

*We believe in the words that  A. D. Williams said, "Be kind to every kind, not just mankind".*