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Do a pro-people Journalism, not a pro-Government or a pro-Political Party Journalism.

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I am scripting this petition with a great pain in my heart.Several times I have scrutinized that whether I should post it or not, but now I think as a rational citizen of India I should do it.

Now-a-days we are watching that there is a mysterious change is undergoing within the mindset of the Indian media houses.What is that change?The change is that, they have stopped to highlight the major grievances of the common people of India,they have forgotten the interpretation of the "Journalism",they are avoiding to welcome various point of views of the people across the nation and they are now literally converted into the mouthpieces of some Political Parties.

Yes this is the very fact that I am perceiving as a regular viewer of those channels.The country is now suffering with some critical issues like the aftermath of Demonetization,GST,Foreign Policies etc which are directly or indirectly linked with the lives of the common Indians and I think there is an extensive scope to arrange a fruitful debate every day through which we can create an awareness to the people about the pros and cons of these important subjects.But instead of doing those serious stuffs they are making foolish to every Indian by wasting some couple of hours in the name of Debate Tonight,Primetime etc.Either they are picking some silly issues or they are behaving like the Courts or the Judges of the India and even they have orchestrated their news room like a battlefield by creating some sarcastic moments regarding Nationalism also.Some handsome channels are really doing good job and raising issues for the common people. But most of them are busy either to defend the Ruling party or to corner the opposition.I want to ask a question to them.Lets forget about the opposition,considering they are worthless.But at least don't bat for the Ruling party every day.Ruling Parties are always being the most powerful in the history of Indian Politics.You people are the fourth pillar of the "Democracy" and people of India have given you a big onus for speaking on behalf of them.If you continuously bat for the ruling parties, is it possible for any common Indian to raise his or her voice?Is it possible for a common person to fight with the influential peoples with lots of powers for getting the Justice? I think not.You are the voices for those 125 crores Indians who are building this nation every day through their tireless efforts,with the droplets of their sweat and blood.Don't fool them everyday please,try to respect them.You are claiming yourselves the voice of people by running lots of ads throughout the day but ultimately you are depriving the Nation.I am one of the victims of these regular comedies.I think its now the very time when people of India should wake up and raise the voice against those Channels who have been transformed into the mouthpieces of the Political Parties.

With the least knowledge about the definition of the "Journalism",as a Layman I have written this piece.Correct me if I have made any mistake.

Thank You.


Jai Hind.

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