Help the victims of David Bruskewitz’s crimes & protect the children in our community

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My name is Amanda Fink. In March of this year I was made aware of a nightmare that no parent should ever have to experience.  I’ve spent months waiting for what we thought would be some sort of justice just to be given heartbreak after heartbreaking blow. My heart has broken so many times thinking about what has happened before I finally decided to share my truly brave and beautiful daughters unfortunate experience.  I am not sharing this story because I want vengeance I share this experience with you because I need to know that nobody else will ever become a victim because I didn’t say anything. I am now the mother of a child sexual assault victim. I am reaching out to the community because throughout the process of trying to get justice for my daughter (the biological daughter of the perpetrator of this crime) who is just one of his MANY victims, some very flawed parts of our justice system have come to light. David Bruskewitz has been tried and found guilty of sexual crimes against multiple minors and an adult, he will be sentenced in August of 2018. Over the course of a year David recorded multiple videos of his victims, (there is even a hidden google gallery on his phone that do to 5th amendment rights they can not compel him to open.) This gallery has the potential to have multiple other victims and multiple other photos and videos.  The videos they were able to locate depicted David beginning the recordings, planting the camera in a bathroom exhaust vent closing it and exiting the bathroom immediately following Bruskewitz leaving the bathroom my minor child who was visiting his home to celebrate the holiday with him entered the restroom in Bruskewitz’s residence removed her clothing and entered the shower. After concluding her shower she is then seen exiting the restroom. Another child that resided with Bruskewitz is then depicted entering the bathroom and using the restroom, immediately after the other child exits the restroom Bruskewitz reenters and removes the recording device. 4 of the 16  that had been found by law enforcement had been uploaded to multiple devices. These 4 videos depicted two minor girls (one of which is his child) fully nude bathing for which it was determined Bruskewitz used as sexual gratification. And despite these videos being used in that fashion he was only charged with invasion of privacy and not the production of child pornography. I want to bring awareness of this mans crimes, as he has been released to the public on an insignificant $3000 cash bond for which he has violated every restriction and still with this knowledge the District attorney has refused to charge him further or revoke his bond. He walks around the cities of Neenah and Kaukauna with no worries and continues to try and pursue relationships with women with young children who are clueless to his crimes and for which he lies incessantly about. We as the victims went into this fight believing that our district attorneys office would prosecute this to the best of their ability. Since being charged the district attorneys office has dropped the ball and continues to allow this man to victimize his victims. He even posted a photo of his minor child and victim as his Facebook profile photo since court and nothing has been done to fix this or protect her even though law enforcement has made the DA aware she still does nothing. As well law enforcement sent over 16 incidents 32 charges of which they had undeniable evidence of his guilt they only charged him with 6 felonies.  He even admitted to recording other videos. And now multiple bond violations the prosecuting attorney has done nothing and then proceeded to offer him a plea deal, she only charged him with 2 of the overwhelming felonies. Given the severity of his crimes we all assumed David would at the very least see the inside of a prison cell and would be a registered sex offender. This is not the case. Because he had no adult charges for criminal offenses. And although Bruskewitz has adolescent charges of assault and battery against a minor, accounts of physical abuse during his relationships and escalating minor crimes the district attorney offered him 9 months in Winnebago County Huber so he doesn’t lose his job and only two years of extended supervision past that. No sex offender registry no psychological evaluation no counseling......nothing. I am asking that as a community we reach out and let the Winnebago County District attorneys office know that we are not okay with drug users getting more time in jail then predators that victimize the innocent children in our communities. Please spread the word and share this so our community can be protected from further damage. If additional charges are not brought against him he will do this again he had a spool of fiber optic cable at his residence for which we can only imagine what he was capable of doing with it. Case number 2018CF000158

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