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It's been 4 months and the surgery still hasn't happened, or 7 years depending on how you look at it...

Viewers collectively donated over $20,000 out of charity for YouTuber and Twitch streamer WingsOfRedemption (Jordie Jordan) to get a life changing weight loss operation in Tijuana, Mexico.

Despite their good will, Mr. Jordan has yet to prove this surgery will take place. He continues to withhold information when asked by donors, and instead provides hostile responses to those who helped him.

To begin, a lengthy thread was posted by Reddit user Edmonton_Skeptic detailing his own experience booking the same surgery in under a week, whereas Mr. Jordan has taken months to do likewise.

POST: Wings' Surgery lies exposed: My story of being approved for a gastric sleeve procedure with Dr. Fernando Garcia

This thread outlined several inconsistencies in the surgery updates, such as how Mr. Jordan claimed multiple times to have booked the surgery months ago and lied about changing his airline tickets.

Secondly, Mr. Jordan previously said he had paid for the surgery in full, but seemingly contradicted this statement by saying the cashier's check was still in his possession on a livestream two days ago.

CLIP: Cashier’s check for the surgery

Third, Mr. Jordan claimed to have scheduled another weight loss operation back in December of 2010 but did not go through with it, despite having adequate funds through his YouTube income.

VIDEO: Wings lap band surgery

Over a year later in March of 2012, he again claimed to be working toward the lapband surgery mentioned in 2010. Needless to say, it never happened.

VIDEO: Wings lap band surgery 2

Lastly, this next statement is the most troublesome. When asked about what the extra funds for the surgery would be used for, Mr. Jordan responded that the remaining $13,000 would likely go toward paying off his house. To contrast, he said the surgery itself had an estimated cost of just $6,125.

VIDEO: Surgery money going towards mortgage


Due to the above pattern of behavior and factual inconsistencies, this petition is being posted to hold Mr. Jordan accountable in using the surgery donations.

Therefore, I and the other signers of this petition demand that WingsOfRedemption:

  • Provide documentation of the surgery schedule to prove the operation has been booked.
  • Provide invoices showing the expenses involved in travel and the operation, for transparency to compare the surgery donations raised to the actual surgery amount.
  • Release a definite date when the surgery will in fact take place.
  • Give donors a thorough and detailed update on the current status of the surgery.

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